Malik Tutorials is recognised as one of the most premier academic institution for the preparation of IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, JAM, MSc and other competitive examinations in Haryana. Dr.M.S Malik, the founder of this institution has been in the teaching field and guiding students for these examinations since the past 25 years. The institute was officially made in 2004 and has been every student’s favourite in Hisar.

The institute has created many successful stories. In AIIMS all most all the students of Hisar are from our institute. In the AIIMS entrance test of 1998, Devashish Saini scored ALL INDIA RANK-2. He was given an award personally by the President of India. Such an achievement, especially from someone who belonged to such a small city like Hisar is historic in itself.

Every year, almost all the students who crack JEE are students of Dr.M.S.Malik .The institute has progressively produced one of the best results in the State of Haryana. In 2010 year 17 students i.e. 97% of Hisar students who got selected in IITJEE were from Malik Tutorials. In 2002 Sumit Kumar got an All India Rank-5.

Apart from JEE and AIIMS, students of Malik Tutorials have been showing their excellence in Olympiads too. These examinations are of great importance as they test the student’s knowledge of subject from the core. Recent example was Shweta Dahiya who got selected in CHEMISTRY olympiad.

We have produced the national toppers in C.B.S.E boards also. Meenal Gupta is one of its example. Every year more than 50 students get 90% + marks in chemistry boards which itself is a great achievement